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A View of the Water


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This is the view out my window. It’s very beautiful. People are always stopping in front of my house to look out over the bay. I believe it’s healing. When the tide is all the way out the mud flats stretch a mile or more out. When I was a child we used to spend our summer mornings walking out with the tide, and our afternoons racing it in. It wasn’t always that way. The bay used to be deeper in this area, even a generation ago. The river used to empty into a different bay. It was rerouted to assist industry at the turn of the century. My grandmother says that the mountain is going to erode right out into our bay, and that all our fishermen better learn to farm, because it’s going to keep getting shallower. She laughs and says, “Pretty soon our mud flats will be corn fields.” I suppose that’s one way to try to counter sea level rise.

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